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Needing a favor

We have a good friend who moved down here from Connecticut.. Who is relocating to our town ..he is a retired army... Wanting to live in our quiet town 

We are looking for a truck that is dependable an wants to spend about 2000.00 so any advice or if any one have a truck please PM me 

Thank you an everybody have a safe weekend 

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Beware of this company.

Let me state this this company here is a crooked company we r filing a complaint with the sheriff  department. 

Just got back from the Sheriff  office this company took $2000.00 an never did the work for our driveway  an roof so beware of this company.. These guy did our concrete work with no problem... So when it came time to do r driveway an our roof back in June .. So we r taking the next step.... People like these guys taking advantage  of the elderly  we r in our 60s ..an I putting this out here so everyone can beware... We will prosecute investigation is in progress 

  1. People please beware of this company 



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