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7 Hour Stand Off Officers Injured

James D Cummings 31 years-old is thought to have shot a state trooper and a sheriff's deputy Friday morning after a 7 hour stand off. Cummings lived at the home (stand off point) near Van Buren and the cops were there to serve Mr. Cummings eviction papers. 

The deputies were attempting to talk to a man in the house when out of nowhere they heard gunfire. One of the deputies that was approaching the house was hit in the groin, leg and chest and was pulled to safety. He was flown to St. Louis to be treated. 

Gov. Parson said the shooting was an "ambush"

Both officers will survive and this is the final update Lake Area News will run on this story until Mr. Cummings is sentenced 

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Reform Capital Punishment Idea

I am not much of a political person. 

By the way this is purely myself writing a post here, not the news so that you guys don't get confused. 


But I was reading some of your comments yesterday on the Stephen West news post. You were shocked that Mr. West spent 33 years on death row before he was finally executed. 

Did you know that the average death row inmate spends 15 years on death row?

Some inmates waive their appeals and such and the process is much faster, but still between 4 to 8 years. 

Did you know that U.S. tax payers spend over 2 trillion dollars every single year on Death Row inmates?

It is one of the most expensive things we pay for as tax payers. Everyone pays for it because it comes right out of your paycheck (for federal inmates).


The country is going to hell in a hand basket. 

I am not about to blame republicans or democrats. But I am about to blame every damn body. We all every single one of us beside maybe a handfull of nun's at some convent have a play in this bad economy.

From big box stores running out local businesses, to crazy spending habits, and racked up credit card bills we are definitely not blameless. I know that the Government likes to spend more, especiallly on the military, vs paying our national deficit down. I am sure they think there is a legitimate reason for it. 

But one of the most costly programs in the entire country is capital punishment. 

It costs more money to execute a prisoner than it does to imprison him for life. 

Were talking probably 250k more over the process. 


Because you pay for his attorneys which by the way ( for a death penalty case are not cheap publich defenders ) these are Law Firm Lawyers. 

We pay for his appeals, and there could be I believe 9 of them throughout the process. So not only do we pay for court costs and attorney fees, we pay to house him, keep him fed, and entertained while he awaits his ultimate fate. 

The government is never going to allow us to take them from court and hang them in town center as in the old day's.

So the most cost effective way to save tax payers 2 trillion dollars a year is to abolish capital punishment. 

But if you are soley against abolishing it, then going back to the drawing board, and reforming it is in store. 

This is sort of an opinion piece but mostly facts. Like I said this is not pointing the finger at a party or anyone, this is just stating the fact that we have a problem, and it needs to be fixed. 

Remember that you to can post on here. You can post anywhere you see a red plus sign. I just ask that you only post in events if it is a real event. Or rather please have or use some level of common sense so that our minds don't explode. You can sign up for free to start posting. When you sign up you qualify for amazing give aways. 

Well thank's for listening or reading rather to my little thing here.


Happy Sunday Peeps.


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Tennessee Electrocutes Death Row Inmate


Stephen Michael West was put to death by the State of Tennessee by way of Electricity. West was pronounced dead at 7:27 p.m. August 15th of this year. 


West was sentenced to death for the 1986 stabbings of Wanda Romines, 51 and Sheila Romines 15, he was also convicted of raping Sheila. 

He brutually torutured both women in front of each other before he killed them. Mr Campbell one of the realtives of the victim stated they have grieved for decades. 

"Our family has suffered very deeply over the past 33 years through all the appeals that we think is very unfair for anyone to have to go through," Campbell told the Associated Press. 

He gave a statement to before going inside to witness the execution "I hope that West has made peace with God and has truly asked God for forgiveness for such a heinous crime."

West became the 137th inmate executed in Tennessee since 1916 and the 5th executed since August of 2018.

West gave his final words at 7:15 p.m. 

"In the beginning, God created man," sobbing "And Jesus wept, that is all."

The staff then removed his glasses, and poured salt water on him. They covered his face with a black shroud. At 7:19 p.m. Wets's body stiffened as a current of electricity ran through his body. His boyd went limp when the shut it off, then stiffened once more after a second round of electricity passed through his body. 

His hands curled into a fist and his pinkie extended out from his right hand.

Then he went limp. After which he didn't move. 

West was 56.


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Osage Beach Police Arrest Fugitive from Kansas

Bryan Beets 46 years-old who was pulled over by Osage Beach Police Thursday admitted to drinking 6 22 ounce beers. He had to be taken to the ground in order for police to restrain his wrists. He also was shouting threats that involved killing the arresting officer. During transport he repeatidely slammed his head into the cage which caused heavy bleeding. Now he has a sheet in Missouri for Habitual DWI and Resisting Arrest. His warrant in Kansas is no-bond for FTA on Domestic Battery charges. 



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Daily Trivia

We will play daily trivia until the first week of the NFL Season because I am bored.


First Triva Question: 

How many states are on the back of a $5 U.S. Dollar Bill (current)?


Answer freely 

Each time you are right you get 1 point. The winner will be drawn September 4th. 

The prize will be a Lake Area News Halloween Sweater.

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Dead Baby Found in Columbia

The cops in Columbia are asking for your help. They unfortunately found a dead baby and can't identify it. The body was found shortly before noon Thursday at a parking lot in the northern part of the city. It appears to be less than one-year-old. 


The cause of death has not been released, nor the gender of the baby. 


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A long standoff eariler this afternoon has left a MSHP Trooper and a Carter County Deputy shot. The officers were there to serve an eviction notice, but things got out of hand. The deputy was airlifted to an area hospital and is in stable condition. The trooper was hit in the vest, and was treated and released from a local hopsital.

The suspect surrenedered shortly after and is now in custody.


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Beware of this company.

Let me state this this company here is a crooked company we r filing a complaint with the sheriff  department. 

Just got back from the Sheriff  office this company took $2000.00 an never did the work for our driveway  an roof so beware of this company.. These guy did our concrete work with no problem... So when it came time to do r driveway an our roof back in June .. So we r taking the next step.... People like these guys taking advantage  of the elderly  we r in our 60s I putting this out here so everyone can beware... We will prosecute investigation is in progress 

  1. People please beware of this company 



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Brothers Donate $11k to Saint Jude

Two brothers from Ohio together earned just over 11 thousand US dollars and donated it to St. Jude research Hosptial in Atlanta. "The people that we are donating the money to, they need the money more than we do. No kid should have cancer," Austin Letter. 

The kids raised the money by placing their gian hog up for auction. They could have chose to spend the money on whatever they wanted. Video games, a new TV a Dirt Bike. But instead they used the money to help others. The Auction took place at the Medina County Fair on Sunday. The boy's only expected to earn around 1k.

After the crowd learned what the money was going for, the auction quickly skyrocketed with bids soaring over 3 thousand US dollars. Then the announcer gave people the opportunity to donate a dollar per pound with all the extra proceeds going straight to the hospital. 

20 people donated an additoinal $230 then the total bid for the hog doubled, and one person put in $500 alone. 

In the end the boy's raised just over 11 thousand dollars and the bidder who won the hog, donated the hog to charity so that hungry families have the opportunity to eat well. 

A little on the bright side ~ from Lake Area News. 


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Man Attempts to Escape Police

Macks Creek - 20 year-old William Vanos was a passanger in a vehicle that was pulled over for a minor traffic violation Monday night. The deputy noticed a strong smell of marijuana, and asked the occupants to step out of the vehicle. After conducting a search of the vehicle the deputy discovered marijuana and a small amount of methamphetamine. Vanos inserted a verbal admission of guilt, when he admitted to using the meth. The deputy began to place Mr. Vanos under arrest, but Vanos lunged at him and started to fight the officer. The deputies had to use a taser to subdue the suspect and then took him into custody. 

Vanos is being charged with two counts of possession of controlled substance, fourth degree assault, and attempted escape. 

Vanos and the Deputy suffered minor injuries.


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