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Baby Rescued by Couple in Pea Ridge Missouri From Hot Car

Earlier today a couple in Pea Ridge, Missouri made a trip to the Walmart Neighborhood Market. While unpacking their groceries into their vehicle they noticed a strange gathering around a SUV further up in the Parking Lot. Michelle Holt walked over to see what was going on, and that is when she seen a four-month old baby all by itself in the blazing hot vehicle. She quickly called her husband over screaming his name. 

Nathanial threw a brick through the back window, crawled in and got the baby out. Despite some bystanders being against it in fear that the baby would get hurt. 

The baby was wrapped in a blanket and left in the car seat. The baby was red and wet, so Michelle removed the babies clothing. She took the baby inside the store and got some water to help cool the baby down. EMT's arrived shortly thereafter. 


Police arrived on scene, and after a short investigation told reporters "Holts immediate action saved the child's life. He told reporters that the babies mom and aunt forgot him, and had been shopping for 45 minutes. On a day that reached 99 Ferenheit. 

The babies mom Karlee Spear 21 years-old was arrested along with the babies aunt Ashlee Danley, both were charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

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