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Bank Deposits 120 Grand into Wrong Bank Account. Account Owners Charged with Felony

Robert and Tiffany Williams of Montoursville, PA woke up one morning with $120,000 in their account. Interestingly enough the night before they had just over $1,200 in the account. Instead of talking to the bank about the mistake that had been made, the account owners decided to spend all of the money. 

They bought a new trailer, paid off some bills, gave a friend $15,000, and purchased a race car, a $15,000 payment on a new Chevy Traverse, two four-wheelers at $10,000 each, and more. 

The money that was deposited into their bank account was supposed to go into an investment firm. 

After the bank figured out the error, they pulled the $120,000 from the Williams account and placed it back into the investment firm. When the bank did that that triggered an overdraft of more than $107,00 for the Williams. 

After the investigation, the Williams stated they were not aware that the money didn't belong to them. 


Tiffany Williams did try to make arrangments to pay the money back in payments to the bank, but then stopped all contact. The pair was arrested on charges of receiving stolen property.


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