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Kids Beware! THC Laced Candy Hospitalizing Adults

Kids Beware! THC Laced Candy Hospitalizing Adults

With Halloween coming up, parents cannot be too careful. More and more drugs are showing up in candy. A simple Jolly Rancher could be loaded with PCP for example. Also with the world the way it is and practical jokes on the rise, it isn't beyond the scope of reality that your child may just end up doped this Halloween. The number 1 way to prevent that of course, is to make sure you are checking all the candy your child gathers, before he or she consumes it. 

This story leads to some new findings that children in Flordia are ingesting candy that has traces of THC and Marijuana in it. After eating the candy children complained of stomach pains and were hospitalized as a result. 

The children involved all attended the same school and school officials claim the candy was brought in by a fellow student. 

Authorities say the student's injuries weren't life-threatening


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