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To the 116th Congress of the United States of America.


A child cannot assume financial responsibility. In the United States of America children every day are denied a hot meal by public schools, due to lack of ability to pay. This act of hatred can be seen as discrimination, and a violation of the child’s rights. If the child cannot assume financial responsibility, then the child should not be expected to pay, or otherwise affected by the idea of money being owed as a bill or a fee.

The schools which are public and funded by tax payers, should then be required to provide a hot lunch to every child in attendance.

Section 1 Law Requirements



          (1A) Require all publicly funded schools, across America to provide each student with a hot lunch. This would require schools to never refuse or deny a child or student a hot lunch based on his or her ability or inability to pay for it.

          (2A) It is unlawful for a school, staff member of a school of which that is public to deny a student child access or consumption of a hot meal.

          (3A) Requires that all state level non-profit agencies show a public record of spending. This is including state lotteries. If the agency claims that the funding is provided to aid public schools, then they will be required to make a public record of where those funds were used.



Section 2 Penalties for Violating F.T.A.



          (2A) Any public school found guilty of refusing a hot meal to a student should be penalized with a fine of no less than $1,000.00 per offense.

          (2B) A staff member of a public school that willfully refuses or denies a child or student a hot meal will be guilty of child neglect and subject to the laws and penalties of the state he or she works in.

                   (2B1) If a staff member of a public school is found guilty of child neglect/refuse to supply hot lunch to a student child, the first offense should be recorded as a Class B Misdemeanor or the lowest misdemeanor classification of that state.

                   (2B2) Likewise if a staff member of a public school is found guilty of child neglect/refuse to supply hot lunch to a student child, will bar the individual from working at a facility that maintains responsibility of children for a period no less than 5 years. This will include (Schools, Daycares, and Nurseries, or any other business where the primary function is child care).


          (2C) For the first offense convicted individuals would face between 1 month to 6 months in jail, and fines up to $500.00

                   (2C2) Convicted individuals are banned from being employed or volunteering at any facility, institution, to include public schools, private schools, daycares, nurseries, or any other facility where the primary function is child care, for a period of no less than 5 years.

                   (2C3) A second offense would impose the same penalties as a first offense.

                   (2C4) A third offense or beyond would be the lowest felony available in the state the crime took place.

                   (2C5) Individuals guilty of Child Neglect/Refuse to Supply Hot Lunch to a Student Child a 3rd time or more will be guilty of a felony (the lowest felony classification of the state the individual is or was employed in at the time of arrest.

                   (2C6) A Felony conviction of Child Neglect/Refuse to Supply Hot Lunch to a Student Child would impose a penalty of up to 1 year in State Prison and a fine up to $10,000.00

          (2D) States are required to carry out the punishments of those convicted.

          (2E) Requires that All states comply with the F.T.A. Law and should amend their constitution as such.


Section 3 Exceptions & Exemptions

(3A) The school does not have to supply a student child a hot lunch if that child was supplied with a sack lunch. A sack lunch is food brought to school from the child’s home.

(3B) The school does not have to supply the student child with a hot lunch if school is in session for less than 5 hours.

(3C) A student child is likewise not allowed to refuse a Hot Lunch if that student child does not have a sack lunch.


(3D) A student child is not required to consume a Hot Lunch, nor can a student child be subject to food consumption orally or by any other facet by force.


Section 4 Parent/Guardian Responsibility


(4A) Parents and Guardians of student children attending public schools are responsible for providing their student child with the necessary funding to pay for a Hot Lunch.

(4B) A Parent or Guardians inability to pay for a student child’s hot lunch will not result in the student child being denied a hot lunch.

(4C) A Parent or Guardians inability to pay for a student child’s hot lunch will make it possible for the school/institution to file civil charges against the parent or guardian responsible.

          (4C1) A civil charge against a Parent or Guardian of a student child, due to the inability to pay for Hot Lunches may not result in criminal charges.


Section 5 The School/Institution Responsibility


(5A) The school has an obligation to seek out investigative help from an outside state agency if a Parent or Guardian shows a habitual history of not being able to pay for Hot Lunches.

(5B) The school may council the parent or guardian about the circumstances at the home.

(5C) The school may request that the parent allow a staff member or a social worker of the state to perform a home study of the residence where the student child in question is residing.



Our children deserve a great education! They also deserve to have a standing chance by being fed just like every other student. Children can’t work, or earn money, so their responsibility to provide funds to pay for anything is beyond the scope of reality. The child and these students should not suffer humiliation or malnourishment at the decision of school teachers and staff members. Now is the time to make the change so that every single child eats at school.

This bill makes everyone but the child accountable for their actions. As it should be.

Feel free to edit or amend this so that it performs better in Washington.


Author: John J Taylor

Lake Area News D.B.A


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