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Brothers Donate $11k to Saint Jude

Two brothers from Ohio together earned just over 11 thousand US dollars and donated it to St. Jude research Hosptial in Atlanta. "The people that we are donating the money to, they need the money more than we do. No kid should have cancer," Austin Letter. 

The kids raised the money by placing their gian hog up for auction. They could have chose to spend the money on whatever they wanted. Video games, a new TV a Dirt Bike. But instead they used the money to help others. The Auction took place at the Medina County Fair on Sunday. The boy's only expected to earn around 1k.

After the crowd learned what the money was going for, the auction quickly skyrocketed with bids soaring over 3 thousand US dollars. Then the announcer gave people the opportunity to donate a dollar per pound with all the extra proceeds going straight to the hospital. 

20 people donated an additoinal $230 then the total bid for the hog doubled, and one person put in $500 alone. 

In the end the boy's raised just over 11 thousand dollars and the bidder who won the hog, donated the hog to charity so that hungry families have the opportunity to eat well. 

A little on the bright side ~ from Lake Area News. 


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Backpack For Success Campaign A GO

Lake Area News ran the Backpack for Success campaign and could not be more happy to spread the good news. 8 local children from Clinton, Warsaw, Lincoln, and Sedalia received backpacks stuffed with much needed school supplies, and each received a shoe box. This will definitely lighten the load of some local area parents.


Lake Area News loves the community, and supports teachers, schools, and promotes healthy education for all the children throughout the Lake of the Ozarks. So each year Lake Area News will run this campaign. Hope to see new parents signing up next year!


I also want to again thank Dusty Braun for taking this amazing image. She is an expert photographer, and Store Manager of the Warsaw, Dollar Tree. Shout out to Dusty for taking the pic...thank's your amazing!

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