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7 Hour Stand Off Officers Injured

James D Cummings 31 years-old is thought to have shot a state trooper and a sheriff's deputy Friday morning after a 7 hour stand off. Cummings lived at the home (stand off point) near Van Buren and the cops were there to serve Mr. Cummings eviction papers. 

The deputies were attempting to talk to a man in the house when out of nowhere they heard gunfire. One of the deputies that was approaching the house was hit in the groin, leg and chest and was pulled to safety. He was flown to St. Louis to be treated. 

Gov. Parson said the shooting was an "ambush"

Both officers will survive and this is the final update Lake Area News will run on this story until Mr. Cummings is sentenced 

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Osage Beach Police Arrest Fugitive from Kansas

Bryan Beets 46 years-old who was pulled over by Osage Beach Police Thursday admitted to drinking 6 22 ounce beers. He had to be taken to the ground in order for police to restrain his wrists. He also was shouting threats that involved killing the arresting officer. During transport he repeatidely slammed his head into the cage which caused heavy bleeding. Now he has a sheet in Missouri for Habitual DWI and Resisting Arrest. His warrant in Kansas is no-bond for FTA on Domestic Battery charges. 



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A long standoff eariler this afternoon has left a MSHP Trooper and a Carter County Deputy shot. The officers were there to serve an eviction notice, but things got out of hand. The deputy was airlifted to an area hospital and is in stable condition. The trooper was hit in the vest, and was treated and released from a local hopsital.

The suspect surrenedered shortly after and is now in custody.


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Man Attempts to Escape Police

Macks Creek - 20 year-old William Vanos was a passanger in a vehicle that was pulled over for a minor traffic violation Monday night. The deputy noticed a strong smell of marijuana, and asked the occupants to step out of the vehicle. After conducting a search of the vehicle the deputy discovered marijuana and a small amount of methamphetamine. Vanos inserted a verbal admission of guilt, when he admitted to using the meth. The deputy began to place Mr. Vanos under arrest, but Vanos lunged at him and started to fight the officer. The deputies had to use a taser to subdue the suspect and then took him into custody. 

Vanos is being charged with two counts of possession of controlled substance, fourth degree assault, and attempted escape. 

Vanos and the Deputy suffered minor injuries.


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MO Walmart Armed Suspect tells his Story

Dmitriy Andreychenko was arrested Thursday after going inside a Missouri Walmart with a firearm. He claims that he did it to conduct a social media experiment... 2nd ammendment audit. He walked inside Walmart in Springfield wearing a bullet proof vest, and packing a hand weapon and a rifle. He used a phone to record himself as he pushed a shopping cart through the store. He told CNN further that no one had been injured and he shared this plan with his sister before he did it. 


Law Enforcement disagree with Mr. Andreychenko an official stating "Missouri protects the right to open carry a firearm, but that right does not allow an individual to act in a reckless and criminal manner, endangering other citizens


One Lt was against the idea that Andreychenko's intentions were harmless. This just shortly after two devastating shootings, in El Paso and Dayton. He told CNN "he is lucky to be alive." 


"I wanted to know if that Walmart honored the 2nd ammendment," is what he told CNN. 


Walmart released its statement ~ "This was a reckless act designed to scare people, disrupt our business and it put our associates and customers at risk. We applaud the quick actions of our associates to evacuate customers from our store, and were thankful no one was injured," LeMia Jenkins Walmart spokesperson told CBS News. 


Both his sister and his wife tried to stop him from doing this. But he failed to listen. 


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Lake Area News.


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