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Jupiter Hit by Large Object

An object ~ a very large object slammed into Jupiter August the 7th 2019. The object was so large, that even amatuer astronormers could see the flash from earth. 

Ethan Chappel was looking at Jupiter at just the right moment, right before he saw a big bright flash and then it disappeared. While the impact was enormous there doesn't seem to be any scaring on the planet. Scientists are investigating the possibilities, of what could have hit Jupiter. One astronomer Dr. Heidi B Hammel said it is possibly a Bolide Meteor that hit the planet but can't be 100% certain. 

In other news about Jupiter, Hubble has captured some new images, that highlight the planets colors in way's never clarified before. The famous red dot could be seen bettter along with some other colors that helped create it's atmosphere. Most of the atmoshpere is created by Ammonia Ice Clouds which travel across the planet in various directions. 


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