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Montana Scum Lie about Military Service to get Lowered Sentences

Two men from Big Sky Country (Montana) both claiming to have been in the military have admitted they lied. Ryan Morris 28 and Troy Nelson 33 both told the story in attempts to have their sentences lowered. 

As punishment, the judge has ordered them to write the names of every single U.S. casualty for both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Not only that but they have to write apology letters to several veterans groups and identify as having lied about their military service. In those letters, they must mention they tried using stolen valor in order to get lesser prison sentences. 

Morris was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a parole violation and Nelson was sentenced to five years for drug possession. Each got 3 years suspended meaning they will only serve 7 and 2 years accordingly. 

But neither will be eligible for parole until they handwrite the names of 6,756 Americans who were killed in both wars mentioned. They also have to handwrite the obituaries of 40 Montanans that were killed in the wars. 

Morris claimed he had PTSD and he did seven combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said he had a hip replaced. Nelson was actually enrolled in veterans treatment court before they found out he was lying. 

They each have to also perform 441 hours of community service for each Montanan killed in combat since the Korean war. The community service must be served with a veterans organization.


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