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School Take Lunch from 9 year-old over Unpaid Lunch Bill

School Take Lunch from 9 year-old over Unpaid Lunch Bill

An Ohio elementary school student had his hot lunch taken away and was given a cheese sandwich. This all-over a $9.75 unpaid lunch bill. 

Not only was the lunch taken away from the boy but on his birthday. 

Diane Bailey grandmother to Jefferson Sharpnack made the following statement: "I can't believe that it's cost-effective to throw away food and give them cheese and bread, when he got off the bus he said 'worst birthday ever.'" She said she received a letter from the school saying that Jefferson had an unpaid balance of $9.75, which she said she had arranged to pay with a check. But when her grandson went to school, he was denied the hot lunch because of the balance. 

She thinks the district should change its policy or find a different way other than embarrassing the kids. 

A spokesman from the school stated that in addition to the sandwich Jefferson received a side dish and a serving of milk. 

The superintendent did step in Jeff Miller and changed the policy. Now all students will be served the standard lunch regardless of their unpaid balance. 

Lake Area News reached out to the school in attempts to speak with the individual that physically took the food away from the child. My question was, how does it sit well with you, that you humiliated an innocent child over $10? The staff member in question hung up the phone, I was unable to get back in touch with the school.


Uniontown Ohio. 



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