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Your Android Device could be Hacked by the Joker!

Your Android Device could be Hacked by the Joker!

A new trojan virus has been released courtesy of the Google Play Store. The virus has been detected in 24 apps, and over 472 thousand of you have downloaded it already. What happens is actually pretty scary. Once your device has been infected with the virus a splash screen will appear, displaying the Joker from the new Joker Movie. This leaves you helpless, while you can't access the features of your phone, while several initializations are taking place in the background. The trojan will slowly collect all the contacts, SMS messages, and stored data files being stored on the device. This could include banking information. 

Don't be fooled by the similarity of the  Joker appearing as an advertisement. Once you click on the "ad" it gives the hacker the ability to insert several authorization codes. Not only can it access your personal data, but it can sign you up for premium services and attempt to spend your money. 

So far Google claims that they have removed all 24 apps from the play store. That does not mean there isn't more to come. Many security experts believe Google should have done something sooner, before over 400 thousand devices had already been infected.  


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