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Chiefs stay Undefeated at Home

The Kansas City Chiefs won a home game yesterday against the Baltimore Ravens 33 to 22. The Ravens were able to keep up with the Chiefs and Mahomes offense for the first 3 quarters, but then Mahomes went into overdrive, and Baltimore just couldn't handle the pressure. Chiefs remain undefeated in week 3 and are projected to remain undefeated after week 4 where they face off against the Lions in Detroit. 


There was no winner for JT'S Game of the Week this week as The Prediction Center Won the Prediction.

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Lakers Marching Band wins First Place Overall

The Camdenton Lakers stole first-place at a competition this past weekend in Sullivan. The band also received first-place in prelims, percussion, and color guard competitions. The "Pride of the Lake" will be traveling once again to Cedar Falls Iowa and then to Broken Arrow Oklahoma for Bands of America and the Marching Band Invitational.

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Osage Beach Man charged with Child Sodomy

Derric Vonderschmidt, 31-years-old of Osage Beach has been charged with four counts of first-degree sodomy. Court records indicate that all four counts involve the same victim. Conderschmidt is being held on $500,000 bond. He is also not allowed to have contact with anyone under the age of 18. 


No further information has been released to the public at this time.

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Terror Threat at MO Walmart

Nicholas Pratte was charged with second degree making a terroristic threat on Friday. Reports show that Pratte got upset at a meeting. He then allegedly made comments about getting a gun and shooting people. The managers at the Walmart felt that the threat was real and so they called the police and hired a security team to man the front doors. This is not the first time Pratte has made threats like this. According to other reports, Pratte has made threats to shoot people at a local school, which caused Jefferson Middle School and Capital City High School to lock down back in August. There is no attorney showing for Pratte at this time.

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Russian Lab housing Smallpox and Ebola Explodes

Russia's State Research Center of Virology lies in the city of Koltsovo in Siberia. It has one of the largest collections of dangerous viruses in the world. The lab houses strains such as smallpox, ebola, and anthrax. An explosion ripped through the complex on Monday leaving many people worried. 

Officials stated that a gas bottle exploded causing a 30 sq. meter fire that left a worker severely burned. The fire spread through the ventilation system and destroyed a lot of glass. There is only one other facility that houses smallpox and that is in the United States. Smallpox was eradicated in 1977. 

Scientists say that under certain circumstances an explosion can lead to the release of deadly pathogens. Luckily for those living nearby, no hazardous pathogens were stored in the room where the explosion happened. The mayor of the small town assured the people that there was no need for alarm. 

The rest of the story goes on about how we shouldn't stop research on deadly pathogens and how that has happened before and nobody got hurt. 

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Criminal charges could plague those students in Missouri who make the poor choice to bully other students. Under a new law, the state has passed the infliction of emotional distress would be a felony. School officials debate an issue of school disciplinary actions vs police and judicial involvement. They worry that the students could face serious legal repercussions and jail time for school misconduct. 

Susan Goldammer a lawyer for the Missouri School Boards Association says "This crime was not written with the children in mind, the mandatory reporting laws have forced school districts to apply this to children which are going to be really hard".

Schools across America work hard to reduce police involvement with student misbehavior. Most teachers and school staff members believe that those children who face legal issues will not learn from their mistakes, and will likely be repeat offenders. 

There is more to this story, and you can follow up via the Washington Post. 


Lake Area News would like to gather information from local teachers and school staff, in regards to how this has affected the job of being a teacher, and the children being a student. 

Lake Area News has the opinion that children especially those younger than 12 don't have a clear enough thinking process or a developed brain to understand right from wrong, and to make good choices. Therefore, without knowing the details behind the law, Lake Area News finds it to be a bit unusual to pin a minor under the age of "accountability" for lack of better terms with a felony for normal everyday child behavior. Which most often is resolved between school staff, and parents at home without incident. If teachers, parents, and school staff would weigh in that would be amazing. 

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Man held Female against her Will

Joshua Bedell of Springfield is being charged with kidnapping as well as multiple counts of sodomy and assault. He is being held in the Greene County Jail with a $100,000 bond. 


Police started an investigation when a female told a restaurant employee she was "about to be kidnapped" before Bedell carried her away by force. The female told police that Bedell thretened to kill her mother and child if she tried to leave. Police did arrest her on an outstanding warrant. 

When I get more information you will get more information: Lake Area News!

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First Vaping Death in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services announced Thursday that a man in his mid-40's died in St. Louis due to an illness related to e-cigarettes. It concluded that the illness was a lung injury related to vaping. The man had started experiencing respiratory issues and then was hospitalized on August 22nd. Doctors said the man's lungs couldn't provide enough gas exchange that caused heart failure and near cardiac arrest. 

There is currently no evidence that THC was involved.  

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Body found at Walmart Identified

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- Police in Camdenton, Mo. are investigating a body found in the parking lot of a Walmart Monday evening.

Police identified him as Edward Warner, of Joplin, Mo.

A Walmart employee found Warner unresponsive in the rear cargo area of a SUV. The body was laying on a mattress with clothing items found around him.

An investigation is pending. The medical examiner will perform an autopsy


Lake Area News reached out to the Camdenton Police Chief to clarify whether or not it was a male or a female. The Police Chief apologized she said she realized after she had gotten off the phone with our photojournalist that she had made a mistake and said female. Mistakes happen, and Lake Area News can only publish what is reported by our public officials. (my source is the source).!

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Dillon J Robertson entered a guilty plea today on one count of felony child molestation, and one count of misdemeanor child molestation. He said he had contact with two females under the age of 6. Sentencing was imposed shortly after the verdict for the misdemeanor charge, he received one year in county jail. The sentencing for the felony charge is scheduled for November of this year. Robertson faces five to 15 years in prison. 

Robertson remains in the custody of the Miller County Jail. 



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No damage or injuries have been reported after an early morning earthquake struck near the border of Missouri and Arkansas

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